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21/11/2010 18:16

A trip to Brufoot Woods Friday 5th November

  The weather on this latest trip is worth mentioning as this morning(as it was on most of the mornings)started with a very earlyperiod of fresh winds which usually continued until about 0700 hours.Then from about 0730 after the wind dispersed began a very gradual increase in temperature till...


19/11/2010 18:16

Easy Time Lodge.A great place to stay

One is allways a little apprehensive when arriving at a new hostelry which they have never used before and this time was no exception. Being only about fifteen minutes walk from the main tourist area of the Senna Gambia complex one could be forgiven for thining that this Lodge is a little too near...


19/11/2010 14:42

Another succesfull trip to the gambia with more new species added to our Photogallery

Over the next few days we will be updating ang uploading new pictures to our website.Keep an eye on our web site for more trip reports and recent photographs of ouir latest trip .


12/11/2010 20:02

4/11/10 trip to Trujjerey

On our first morning it was apparent that there was unprecedented numbers of insects in the Gambia apparantly due to the recent ending of the wet season and this seemed to account for the very good numbers of Blue Bellied and Rufouse crowned Rollers on the wires on our journey.Also there was good...


12/11/2010 19:27

Latest Birding news from the Gambia

Wearrived at our digs at the Easy Time Lodge in Senegambia at around 1530 hours on the 3rd of November.We were very impressed by our accomodation which was spaciouse very clean looking and had a very relaxed appearence about it.We were very warmly greeted by our host Jason(the owner) who quickly...


12/09/2010 19:30

Interested in the Butterflies of the Gambia

Are you planning a trip to the Gambia and are interesred in some of the exotic and sometimes stunning Butterflies you will come across Why not contact Binta Mankali who works in the Abuko Nature Reserve. If you have any photographs of Butterflies which you want identifying why not e mail them...


01/09/2010 19:49

Some recnt sightings in the Gambia

3 Adamawa Turtle Doves were at Janjangbureh inthe Central River dision during January. 3 Cape Gulls were on the beach at Tanji on the 13th of January.


18/08/2010 11:29

Fancying a Birding trip to the Gambia

  If you are planning a birding trip to the Gambia,why not contact PA JALLOW and see what he has to offer. You can contact him by e-mail at or by telephone number02209850247


10/08/2010 02:55

Bird nesting Boxes,Feeders,Log Cabins and Bird Tables etc

  Anyone interested in Bird Tables feeders etc visit our website at


09/08/2010 17:16

Our next visit

Bushtrack birder will be visiting the Gambia for 2 weeks from the 5th of November until the 19th.A daily log of observations and pictures will be published on this website.