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Great Reed Warbler still present and baby Shellducks make their first appearence.

24/05/2019 23:11

The Great Reed Warbler that was found yesterday on Dewsbury Sewage Works was again present this morning.Due to windy conditions the bird spent most of the time singing from inside a bush only occassionaly venturing into the nearby reed bed to feed.

A pair of Shellducks which have been present on the works for several weeks where joined by 7 very small and newly hatched ducklings on the central beds.

Herring Gulls are still present in good numbers with some 180 birds present on the filter beds this morning.Black Headed Gulls are down to around 280 at the moment.

Reed Warblers are now up to 15 pairs and there now 3 pairs of Sedge Warblers on the works.