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Hobby making spectaculer passes at Sand martin colony at Ossett this morning

06/08/2014 13:01

A Hobby was trying to catch Sand Martins as they came out of their holes at a Sand martin colony on the River Calder at Ossett at around 11:00 this morning.The bird made several very acrobatic passess paralell to the face of the colony  but was unsuccessful at catching any of the birds.The Hobby then flew North over the fields at Pildacre before heading soutn about 10 m99inutes later.

Also on the calder this morning 6 Juvenile Goosanders just below Mill Bank Thornhill.There are still 19 young Tufted Ducks on the Calder beytween Dewsbury and Ossett with 3 pairs of parents and this morning 2 hunting Kingfishers one just below the Canal Basin and one around the Healy Road area of Ossett.Both birds have reared single young this time around.