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Lapwings assemble on local site in a an early prelude to Autumn

10/07/2019 23:15

 In what must be seen as an early  prelude to Autumn a flock of 44 Lapwings have arrived on Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.this at the side of one pair of local Lapwings feeding half grown young on the same bed.

7 juvenile Shellducks are free flying on the works with 2 adults marking the second year that this species has bred on or around the site.

Sand Martin are busy feeding young at this time but numbers are difficult to estimate but at least 36 pairs have occupied nesting burrows this year which is a total down on last year.

15 pairs of Reed Warblers are breeding on Dewsbury Sewage works this year with 2 more pairs a few yards away from the border fence.With 3 pairs of Sedge Warblers also in the vicinity breeding succesfully 

and suitable habitat for both species expanding all the time the future for both species in this local site looks very good.