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My First local Willow Warbler a true sound of Summer

07/04/2020 17:35

It was cheering indeed to suddenly stumble across a Willow Warbler in full song on my short walk this morning.

This species to me usualy heralds the arrival of many more local migrants and indeed there have been reports of Sedge Warblers Swallows,Grasshopper Warblers,House Martins and even Cuckoos though the latter not localy.

Nice also to come across Peacock and Small Tortoishell Butterflies on the fringes of the River Calder around the Earlsheaton area.

Also this morning the first Song Thrushes nest with eggs(4) with many birds carrying nesting material especialy Carrion Crows and Jackdaws but also Pied  and Grey Wagtails.