Its worth a visit

Pintail on Sewage works this morning and local Buzzards showing well.

13/03/2014 15:00

A female Pintail was flushed from one of the lagoons on Dewsbury Sewage works this morning at 10:40.The bird rose up and flew off in an Easterly direction towards Horbury Bridge.

Also this morning 10 shovellers,62 Teal,26 Mallard,and 3 Mute Swans.6 Reed Buntings where feeding near the central filter beds at 10:30 but very few small birds around this morning(no Pied Wagtails on the filter beds).

On kerries feeders.2 Yellow Buntings,4 Reed Buntings,5 Goldfinch,2 Greenfinch,4 Dunnocks,3 Robins,5 Blue Tits,5 Great tits,4 Chaffinch 1 Great spotted Woodpeckers.

2 Common Buzzards where over Earlsheaton moving South at 10:30 and 3 Common Buzzards where over Coxley valley at 10:00. A further 2 Common Buzzards where over hostingley Lane Thornhill at 11:15.