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White Wagtail and Mandarin Ducks on my patch this morning

01/04/2014 15:03

2 Mandarin Ducks flew over the reserve at Kerries Food Factory at 09:15 this morning.On Dewsbury Sewage works a White Wagtail feeding on the third from the right filter beds near the border fence of the Sewage Works.No other Wagtails present this morning.

4 Chiff Chaffs are singing in or around kerries this morning but apart from a superb pair of Bullfinches in the tall trees at the bottom of Pildacre fields very few fiches present.

36 Redwings flew North East at 09:20 and there are still 8 Blackbirds and 5 Song Thrushes on Kerries reserve.There is also 3 thrushes anvils now on the Reserve.

A Common Buzzard was circling over Earlsheaton at 11:15 heading slowly North West.

On Dewsbury Sewage works still 62 Teal,4 Shoveller,14 Mallard and 11 Coot,11 Common Snipe where flushed from the central beds.

4 Grey Lag Geese flew Easterly during the morning a Brimstone Butterfly was on the edge of kerries Reserve at 11:40