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About Us

Bushtrackbirder is a  website run by John Hamilton from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire in the United kingdom

My aim is to publish as much information as possible from my birdwatching experiences particulary in the Gambia West Africa.

I also intend to use this site to publish my own local sightings from my home area of the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom   .Anyone who wishes to submit records from either of these areas can do so by e mailing ,me at

I would also wish to mention the excellent guiding service in the Gambia provided by my friend PA JALLOW whom i have now known for over 10 years.With his help I have managed to obtain many of my best photographs in the Gambia.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Pa can get his address from our contacts section on this website.



History of project milestones and honor participating people.

The idea for this project came jointly from myself John Hamilton who resides in Dewsbury,West Yorkshire and my Gambian bird watching friend PA Jallow whom I bumped into at Kotu Creek in the Gambia some nine years ago.He was just a very keen young man wanting to learn about birds and use his knowledge to try and make a living as a birdguide.Over the last nine years I have supplied him with every bit of birding equipment from text books and birding magazines both on Africa and the United Kingdom to my old binoculars and telescopes as well as digital cameras and even clothing.

He aquired his knowledge very quickly and today has become a very competent guide enabling me to see and photograph many species of Gambian birds.

In building and developing this website we hope to illustrate the benefits and rewards of using a competent guide such as PA when visiting the Gambia on birding and photographic trips.

We also hope that with our variouse contacts we can provide up to date information on bird sightings and general information that will be of help to birders thinking about making a trip to this very bird rich country.