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31/05/2021 21:26

Goosanders doing well but Kingfishers suffer a setback

2 pairs of Goosanders have bred succesfully in theOssett area on the River Calder.Each pair has hatched 10 youngsters and all are at present doing well. Its allways worrying when you come across so called wldlife photographers lurking in the vicinity of bird nesting sites and  a recent...


14/05/2021 22:59

Hirrundines and Swifts gather again at local Sewage Works.

There was good numbers of House Martins and Swifts on Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning.Around 400 House Martins where concentrated over  the centre of the works along with some 200 Swifts.In lesser numbers where Swallows numbering around 120 and Sand Martins totaling around a hundred...


11/05/2021 14:10

Alkington Flatts North Lincolnshires a brief visit.

While on my weekly foray in to Lincolnshire i found time to visit Alkington Flatts Nature Reserve this morning. It was very refreshing to get out of the car in the car park and hear a Cuckoo calling its head off from a large Oak tree bordering the reserve.The bird was calling non stop for about 30...


07/05/2021 11:39

Back to cloudy and cold but House martins increase.

Noticeably colder than yesterday nevertherless still brought good numbers of Hirrundines to Dewsbury Sewage Works.There was at least 400 House Martins,around 55 Sand martins,140 Swallows and around 25 Common Swifts hawking around the filter beds of the works at 09:00 this morning. The cold weather...


06/05/2021 12:10

What a difference a week makes.

How noticeable this morning that the local hedgerows are much more lively with birdsong.On leaving my car in Healy Road Ossett the first sound I hear is of a singing Common Whitethroat with its distinct scratchy song.In total there where singing Whitethroats around the Healy Road Healy Mills area...


28/04/2021 11:47

Merlin pays brief visit to local sewage Works.

Few thing can be more exiting than having a Merlin flying at full speed over your shoulder before diving headlong into a a feeding party of Black Headed gulls and Carrion Crows. However that is precisely what happened this morning at 09:25 as I was patiently scanning the filter beds on Dewsbury...


23/04/2021 11:01

Whitethroats back on local breeding sites

There are 2 singing Whitethroats this morning on local breeding sites.Both sites are in lower Pildacre with one bird in full song on the edge of the margerine factory just off Healy Road Ossett and the other just before the security gate to Dewsbury Sewage works. Also this morning now 5 singing...


22/04/2021 12:57

Peregrine Falcon hunting over Horbury Bridge Marshalling Yards

A Male Peregrine Falcon was circling high over Horbury marshalling Yards this morning for about 30 minutes before going into a  sudden stoop and stayoing out of site. A single Little Egret is still in residence on the river Calder just below Earlsheaton and there are still 3 singing Willow...


21/04/2021 07:57

Little Egret returns to my part of the Calder.

A Little Egret was feeding on a pebble bed on the Calder at Ossett yesterday.Its the first time in almost a year one was seen here and hopefully it will stay around and be joined by a second bird  as in previous years. On a rather cold and grey day bird song was much subdued though there was...


20/04/2021 01:52

Sand Martins on the increase though local migrants still slow to appear.

Numbers at my local Sand Martin colonies appear to be on the up with nearly 50 pair of birds either digging or entering holes yesterday.feeding birds on the filter beds of Dewsbury sewage works totalled som38 birds along with 8 Swallows but as yet no House Martins. There are now 3 singing Willow...


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