Its worth a visit

Getting back into the swing with a trip to Scotton Common North Lincolnshire.

12/05/2022 10:12

Having become more and more frustrated with continualy trying to gain access to what in the past have been my local birding sites and being continualy turned away Im lucly to be spending half of my week visiting and staying with my family in North Lincolnshire.

Its nice to be dealing with a local authority that has plans and is indeed carrying out work to preserve and recreate wildlife habitat in stead of continualy covering green fields and other green sites with the continous demand for housing apparently without consultation.

The dramatic effect this is having on bird populations in my area I find frightening and depressing and it is so refreshing to venture on to new sites a world away from what is happening on my own part of the world.

Scotton Common Reserve in North Lincolnshire is such a place and a visit there this week on Monday the 9th of May proved rewarding.The reserve main entrance has a car park well tucked in off the road and accomodates about 20 cars.There is 2 fields with gorse patches and mixed woodland in turn attracting a good variety of Butterflies and other insects.

On this occassion I ventured on to both the Southern part of the reserve(Heathland with mixed woodland with a good population of Silver birch Oak and Pine and the grazing fields of which there are two one containing Cattle and the other containing sheep.

My first foray into the woodland produced 2 singing Cuckoos(a species I have not come across for some 4 years on my own local patch)both males calling their heads off and taking very little notice of my prescence.Photography I found difficult due to the density of the wood copses on the Reserve but in time Im sure opportunities will present themselves.

At least 3 Tree Pipits where displaying on this southerly half of the Reserve and a good selection of Warblers including Common Whitethroat 4 Blackcap 3 and 3 Garden Warblers in different areas of the Reserve.

On this occassion just one Woodlark was in full song with this species apparently moving to a different part of the reserve later in the spring.A Kestrel was hunting on the Reserve all morning.

Willow Warblers and Chiff Chaff where in full song all morning with 8 of the former and just 4 singing Chiff Chaff on this occassion.

There are numerous Mammals on this reserve on this Occassion I came across a feeding Red Deer which was for a time oblivious to my presence making a quick exit only a few feet away from me.

Adders are present on this Reserve as is Common Lizzard as well as a good variety of Wild flowers and Im looking forwards to both photographing and sharing some of the more interesting species on further dispatches.

The grazing fields are open heathland and hold a good variety of Butterflies and insects as provciding a good habitat for such as Wheatears and Ring Ousels in Spring on passage and a healthy breeding population of Linnets.The usual species are present in decent numbers such as Blackcap and Garden Warbler but butterflies are also of great interest here on this occassion my first steps through the field gate saw me accompanied by Orange Tip and Brimstone butterflies had I not been distracted by a disturbed Barn Owl I would have spent more time looking for Butterflies in this area.