Its worth a visit

Alkboro Flats North Lincolnshire

10/01/2022 14:57

I know Im in for an interesting morning when the first bird I see shutting my car door in the car park is a female Mash Harrier.The first field as I walked North towards the Humber River had around 500 Common Starlings feeding along with around 85 Goldfinch scattered amongst the Thistle plants.

Overhead there is 3 skeins of Pink Footed Geese totaling some 750 birds and a smaller skein of some 45 Grey Lag Geese soon alighting into a nearby water meadow to the West of the reserve.

There is a Hide on the Northern most bank of the Reserve and the sky was full of birds.Around 2500 Golden Plover wher massing on to the banks of the Humber joined soon afterwards by some 1400 Lapwings the most Iv seen for quite some time.The lagoon to the western part of the reserve contained som 400 plus wildfowl some 150 Wigeon wit 7 pairs of Pintail includin 7 superb dakes.Some 120 Mallard and the rest made up of Teal and Shoveller of which there was some 120 birds.

2 Marsh Harriers appeared on this occassion and a party of some 300 plus Dunlin came in from the Humber before returning back to the river.27 Reed Buntings where on the barbed wire enclosure at the centre of the reserve with 22 Chaffinch  and on this occassion just one Cettis Warbler singing near the first hide.