Its worth a visit

A 6 month problem at last showing signs of improving

16/01/2020 12:03

Having being dogged for the last 6 months with a trapped nerve in my back causing a lack of feeling in my feet it is good to report an easing of the disomfort and a chance to at last to visit my local birding patch without too much trouble.

A short walk along the River Calder yesterday morning produced very little in thenumber of small birds.The River is still at too high a level making feeding for Ducks and Kingfishers almost impossible.Very few Passerines where around aart from the odd Blackbird and a pair of Song Thrushes though there was 19 Cormorants in trees around the Mill Bank part of the river.There was no signs of last years Little Egrets though 14 Widgeon where feeding on the river bank in the Saville Town area.

In the field below the old chapel in Healy Road Ossett as flock of some 32 Winter Thrushes where feeding gradualy working their way up the upper field.This consisted of some 18 Fieldfare and 14 Redwings the latter species showing some individuals with very dark upper parts similar to theIcelandic subspecies..A Peregrine Falcon was hunting over Shaw Cross Dewsbury at 1400 hours.