Its worth a visit

A busy time for Winter Bird Feeders but not as busy as previous years.

20/12/2017 14:07

For the last 3 years now I have beenstudying birds coming to feeders on private woodland near Ossett.With a generous amount of fatballs supplied by Huddersfield Birdwatchers Club I have been able to provide a varied amount of birdfood aimed at attracting as varied number of species as possible to my site.

This Winter has been a strange Winter for both weather and birds with no sustaned freezing conditions and much more mild weather inbetween short very cold spells.

However putting the blame on mild winter weather is not enough and it is difficult to disguise the fact that much fewer birds have visited the feeders this year.

Of course some species are as much in evidence as before especialy the numbers of Robins present with at least 15 birds visiting 10 feeders at the moment.Blue Tits and Great Tits are next on the list for numbers visiting the site with 6 Great Tits and 8 Blue Tits visiting daily at the moment.

Chaffinches are still doing well in this part of the Calder Valley with at least 8 birds visiting the 

feeders yesterday with a single Brambling and 5 Goldfinches.

There are 2 Sparrow Hawks currently hunting on this site both male and female present this morning.

it is so noticeable that certain species have so far failed to appear this Winter on the feeders.Willow Tits have appeared in the last 3 years but have failed to appear this Winter.

Like wise Coal Tits have not appeared as yet.

Its a great shame that the people who run Dewsbury Sewage Works nowadays took it upon themselves to drain the main remaining lagoon near Hotworks Mill several weeks ago.This lagoon was home to around 400 wild duck mainly Teat,Shoveller.Gadwall and Mallard from mid October through to early April.It seems the absence of breeding Great Crested Newts gave the people responsible for the site  draining of the lagoon just a formalty with scant regard for the 2 breeding pairs of Water Rail and Little Grebe or 8 to 10 pairs of breeding Reed Warblers which will now have to find some alternative site.

In all my years of birding I have never known an organisation so good at creating great sites for breeding birds yet in the following breath so willing to destroy so soon what they have created.