Its worth a visit

A change in the weather but but local breeders continue to arrive.

29/04/2020 10:07

Despite overcast and damp conditions there was still quite a bit of bird song in my part of the Calder Valley this morning

There are 2 singing Sedge Warblers around the area bordering  Dewsbury Sewage works border fence and in the same area 4 singing Common Whitethroats and 5 singing Willow Warblers.A new Reed Warbler is also singing on a small marshy  area in lower Pildacre.

Chiff Chaffs  have gone down to one singing male while at least 3 pairs are busy with nest building in the area.

On Dewsbury Sewage works 42 Swallows and 6 House Martins with just 4 Sand Martins all feeding around the filter beds on the Eastern end of the works and 2 Oyster catchers are still displaying noisily below Earlsheaton.

Herring Gulls are slowly starting to build up on the filter beds of the sewage works with 58 birds present this morning along with 64 Black Headed Gulls.

It looks like its going to be a good year for Giant Hogweed along the River Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury  with many plants half grown allready so great care has to be taken when coming into contact with these impressive plants as the can give off a nasty skin rash if touched without care.