Its worth a visit

A change in the wind.What a difference it makes.

24/08/2011 14:01

With the wind changing overnight to a North Easterly and bringing with it rain around lunchtime it was good to see our reserve at Ossett full of small birds again after a long quiet spell.

Best of all was the finding of a Spotted Flycatcher at around 09:55 sat in an opening recently created in the central copse of the reserve.This bird only stayed around for about 10 minutes before diving into cover not to be found again.

Birds appeared to be most numerous around 11:00 approximately 30 minutes before the first spots of rain began to appear.

There was around 40 Phylloscopus Warblers mainly at the Western end of the reserve and of these we estimated that round 2/3 were Chiff Chaff with the other 1/3 being Willow Warblers.

Whitethroats were still thin on the ground with only 5 birds observed.

A Common Buzzard appeared over the reserve around 11:10 hours and was continualy mobbed by Carrion Crows as it made its way slowly to the North Easdt(see photogallery).

On the stubble fields at the North of the reserve there were good numbers of finches feeding.These consisted approximately 250 Goldfinches,55 Chaffinches,60 Greenfinches,50 Linnets and 4 Bullfinches.There is also a pale sandy coloured Reed Bunting on the reserve.

Strangely enough as the rains approached the main concentrations of birds on the reserve appeared to be much dispersed.