Its worth a visit

A good breeding season in this part of the Calder Valley so far.

26/06/2018 21:57

A single Red Kite was circling over Leeds Road End Ossett at 09:15.The bird attracted many glances from passing members of the public as it slowly moved South disapearing after about 20 minutes.This coincides with a similar Red Kite sighting over Shaw Cross playing fields on Friday afternoon at 13:30 hours.This could very easily be the same bird and is probably attracted by both the M1 motorway and the Ossett /Wakefield bypass where road kills are not uncommon.

Its been a very good breeding season  so far particulary with waterfowl o the Calder.A Gadwall was near Millbank Thornhill this morning with 10 tiny ducklings and there are 2 broods of Tufted ducks near Saville Town both with 3 young.Goosanders have bred again with 4 chicks and adult female on the river just below Pildacre Chickenley.The Shellduck with 8 ducklings on Dewsbury Sewage Works are still doing well as are a pair of Little Grebes with 2 chicks and 5 pairs of Coot in the same place with a total of 9 youngsters.

With Kestrel and Barn Owls both feeding well advanced youngsters in the Ossett area and 3 young Little Owls been fed on the wing near Shaw Cross at the moment its been a promising year.3 young Herons where been fed by a single parent on Dewsbury Sewage works this morning.

There are at least 3 pairs of Common Buzzards nesting in the area at the moment and a quick count of food carrying Reed Warblers on Dewsbury Sewage Works this morning produced a total of 15 seperate birds

Sand Martins seem to have had a difficult time in recent years in this area and a study this morning on our local colony which has at least 74 new burrows appears to be holding something like 42 pairs most of which are in the proccess of feeding youngsters judging by the frequency of visiting parents with food.Lets hope they can get through this difficult time unmolested.My sightings of Mink and other predators have been minimal so far this year.