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A good passage of Hirrundines up the Calder Valley this morning

17/04/2012 17:02

If the heaps of compost near to the Eastern border of Dewsbury Sewage Works have any purpose then at least they appear to attract loads of small small nsects and in doing so provide a feast for any passing insect eating birds.

This morning there was a very noticeable passage of Hirrundines flying Westerly over the Calder but stopping briefly for a feed just beforec the sewage works border fence.

There was about 200 Swallows woth a much smaller contingent of Sand Martins gathered over the compost heaps this morning.

The flow of Hirrundines seemed to be at about 100 per hour going almost straight westerly and again consisted of almost 90% Swallows.

There are 3 Singing Chiff Chaffs on the reserve at Kerry Foods with a single Willow warbler and 3 Blackcaps.

There is a single Green Sandpiper on the Calder near Hotworks Mill with also a male and female Goosander.

A single Little Ringed Plover s on Dewsbury Sewage works with about 12 Snipe and 22 Teal.The 6 Coot which arrived 2 weeks ago appear to ave moved on to the river to breed.

A single willow warbler is singing on Millbank Thornhill near the Cricket club