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A good Westerly passage of Swifts today

16/05/2011 20:41

For Fresh Westerly winds with heavy low grey clouds made conditions ideal for a very noteable Westerly passage of Swifts today.From around 14:00 hours up to 19:00 hours around 100 to 120 birds per hour were pasiing low over the Calder around the Thornhill Mill bank area of Dewsbury with around 60 individuals hawking over the compost heaps around the Sewage Farm fence.

The Grasshopper Warbler on Thornhill Wetlands reserve has not sung for a few days but is still present after responding very aggressively indeed to a played back tape.Presumably and hopefully the bird has found a mate and is busy nest building or thereabouts.

There is now established 4 pair of Whitethroats ,2 pair of Blackcaps and a a single pair of Sedge Warblers as well as 2 pairs of Chiff Chaff all of which have been observed carrying nesting material in various areas of the reserve.

The young Tawny Owl and its parent could not be found on the reserve today.

Dewsbury Sewage works stil has a single singing Reed warbler,3 pairs of Sedge warblers,and 5 pairs of Whitethroats holding territory but the single pair of Little Ringed Plovers allthough present are still showing no signs of breeding activity.

A single pair of Grey Partridge are nesting on the sewage works.

A single pair of Oyster catcher are still in the area of the sewage works but these also are not showing any signs of breeding activity.

There have been no sightings of either Cuckoo or more noteably Common Sandpiper in our area so far this Spring.