Its worth a visit

A Quiet time of the year but reports of a Barn Owl hunting in fields at Ossett is very welcome

03/02/2015 20:34

Due to the freezing conditions a lot of birds tend to move away in search of easier feeding environments.A lot of local ponds are at the moment frozen so local duck numbers are much lower with some species taking to the river where feeding conditions are much easier where the river is at its shallowist.

There are still some 120 Teal on Dewsbury sewage works(just one unfrozen lagoon there) but other species such as Shoveller and Mallard are much less in number.

There are still 16 Goldeneye on the river Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury .Also still present 8 Goosander ( 4 males and 4 females ) mainly around the Earlsheaton part of the river.

Pied Wagtail numbers have plummeted on the sewage works to less than a hundred.Im not sure why these numbers are down as their feeding area is free running even in freezing conditions.There are still 3 Grey Wagtails on Dewsbury Sewage works.

2 Chiff Chaff are still in the area around the compost heaps below Pidacre fields Chickenley.

Titmice are still coming to the feeders on Kerries Reserve but numbers are much lower than last year.6 Blue Tits and 5 Great Tits where feeding this morning along with a single female Great Spotted Woodpecker.9 Robins are also patrolling the feeders and are probably preventing some birds from feeding.

Certain birds are noticeably absent from the Reserve with no Goldfinches recorded for some time and also more seriouse the Willow Tit which was a regular visitor last year has yet to be recorded this last autumn and winter.

A Barn Owl was reported hunting in the fields adjacent to Healy Road Ossett tonight.The bird was frequenting the area around the converted chappel on the right hand side about 3/4 of the way down Healy Road.I hope this bird sticks around and has better fortune than the previouse 2 records where both birds where eventualy found dead having seemingly struggled to find enough food to survive.