Its worth a visit

A review of the Lodge named Hotel Limbus

15/04/2011 19:01

 Allthough my first impression of this hostellry was of a run  down under booked establishment,the arrival of the owner(a Gambian Chritian man)soon brought about an improvement in matters.The Swimming pool was full of leaves on my arrival and thec water was not very invitin.But I soon realised that we were in the leaf dropping season and therec was several deciduos trees hanging over the pool.

With the arrival of several new guests the Lodge soon filled up and the pool was quickly cleaned out and the owner was very good at assuring us thatwe were in good hands.

We were offered several free lunches (which were all of local produce and there was enough food produced to feed an army.

Also there was an excellent laundry service offered by the Lodge and the Cooking Facilities in my area were perfectly adaquet with a very large gas cooker,a large fridge,microwave and each room had a frige for eeping drinks and groceries.

The only down side is that the Lodge is not easy to find when you first arrive.Even the Taxi man from the airport had to struggle to find it.It took me several days to get used to it.It is also a fair distance from the more familar birding areas apart from Cape Point.Allthough if one looks at areas near to the hotel the college of Medicine has large open grounds and such birds as Black Headed Plovers,African Scops Owl and all the usual local birds are plentifull.

Also if yu come out of the Hotel and turn right and then right again and go straight ahead for about 100 yards when you reach the Ngala Lodge there is a footpath alonside the lodge which brings you to a very impressive coastal track.One gets grat panaramic view of the sea.Whilst sea watching here I was lucky enough to see several Leatherback Turtles surfacing for air as they passed by offshore.There was several Ospreys and regular sightings of Pelicans (mainly White) fishing here.

The taxi fare to the airport from the Lodge is £10:00