Its worth a visit

A trip to Brufoot Woods Friday 5th November

21/11/2010 18:16


The weather on this latest trip is worth mentioning as this morning(as it was on most of the mornings)started with a very earlyperiod of fresh winds which usually continued until about 0700 hours.Then from about 0730 after the wind dispersed began a very gradual increase in temperature till midday when it becae very hot indeed.

We arrived at Brufoot Woods at around 0915 hours after a quite difficult drive through the village on to the woodland track.

There was a lot more sand than on any of my previouse visits and the vehicle had to be dug out on three occassions before we reached our destination.Luckily at this time of day there was lots of enthusiastic youngsters to give a hand so delay was kept to a minimum.

Observations got off to a good start when 3 African Golden Orioles were located in the first large tree immediately oppossite where we had parked the car and we were able to obtain some decent images of one of the 2 males which lingered behind after its other 2 colleagues had flown off(see photo gallery).These birds are allways difficult to get close to and never present the camera man with an easy task.

2 Swallow Tailed Bee Eaters were sat in the same tree  continually making short flights to feed on the great abundance of insects.

Brufoot still retains a great deal of canmopy cover for birs and such species as Yellow Breasted Apalis were located at several  points in the woods(6 birds in total.2 Olivaceous Warblers were in bushes near the WABSA signpost being very active and showing quite well.Several Sunbirds were flitting around in the same area including male amd female Splendid Sunbird,4 Beautifull Sunbirds(2 of each sex and 2 Variable Sunbird males.

Several Oriole warblers were singing at variouse points in the woods and there was 2 singing Black Crowned Tchagra around the feeding station

It was disapopinting to say the least to find the artificial pond in the centre of the woods had not being maintained and was dry.Allthough several small plastic containers were put in the same area this was not having the same effect and there was very few birds around he feeding staion.

Red Billed Hornbills are still here in good numbers with 8 individuals noted this morning as well as 2 displaying African Pied Hornbills and 4 Grey Hornbills.

9 Yellow Billed Shrikes were mainly in the entrance area of the woods but no signs of any Woodchat Shrikes this time around(we found that generally most of the Europeann species were absent possibly due to the early date of thisc tri[p).

Blue Bellied Rollers seem more commen than ever with over 10 in brufoot Woods and at least 14 noted on our car journey before we reached our destinaion.

4 Senegal Coucals were noted asc well as a party of 11 Piapiaks with 6 juvenile birds and 5 adults.28 Little Swifts were overhead at the feeding staion with 2 Pallid Swifts and 8 Palm Swifts   being kept company by 2 Shikra.

A Lanner Falcon flew over towards the village while overhead 2 Whalberg Eagles,single Osprey,3 African Harrier Hawks(including 2 immatures) 22 Hooded Vultures and 1 Booted Eagle were circling.2 Grey Kestrels were on a pylon at the Tanji end of the woods.

As allways Doves were everywhere in the woods particular Laughing Doves and Red Eyed Doves both too numerouse to mentiion but there was also 3 Black Billed Wood Doves and 2 Blue Spotted Wood Doves as well as 5 African Green Pigeons.