Its worth a visit

A Trip to Farassotu Coastal Area on 26th March 2011

13/04/2011 13:24

Farasotu reserve has been very quiet and so we opted for a trip to the Coastel Estuary.

To our great surprise as we arrived on site the first birst birds to grab our immediate attention was Two Goliath Herons stood on the edge of the Mangrove area in perfect view from the scope.In the same view one could see a single Yellow Billed stork buisily feeding on the edge of the tide.

One does not usually come across Goliath heron unless visiting Tendaba Camp and to se two birds within yards of each other is exceptional in the Gambia.

This Coastal area was full of waders including at least 22 Curlew Sandpipers,9 Turnstones,15 Ringed Plovers,3 Greenshank,4 Grey Plover,5 Whimbrel,and 2 Dark phase Western Reef heron.

A pair of breeding Whistling Cisticola were just off the jetty where the fish are unloaded  and at least 5 pairs of Little Swift were nesting on the buildings in the centre of the coastal peninsular

After leaving the Farasotu area we had a quick search around the Bushtrack at Farra Banta.There as no trace of the Greyish Eagle Owls on the usual locations but we recorded as followa-

Single Woodchat shrike

3 Striped Kingfisher

1 pair of Whistling Cisticola

1 Northern Wheatear

1 Winchat Male (asee photo gallery.