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A trip to Farra Banta Village and the adjoining Bushtrack 27th of March.

15/04/2011 18:24

 A quick call in to the compound of our guide was as usual interesting with our first sighting in the compound being a Dark Phase Booted Eagle which was circling with 4 Hooded Vultures over the compound.As with last time severall Bronze Tailed Glossy Starlings were feeding inside the compound  with 2 Lesser Blue Eared Glossies.In the angoe Trees 5 Yellow Fronted Canaries were with a party of 18 Bronze Winged Mannikins and 5 Red Cheeked Cordon Bluer.

Overthe Mosque were 6 Wire Tailed Swallows and 3 African Harrier Hawks(2 Adults and an immature bird.)

After a brief exchange of gretings we decided to head for the Bushtrack before the heat becomes too much for us to walk around.

Our main aim was to locate a Temmincks Courser which had been inhabiting several arable fields just below Faara banta Village.

Despite an extensive search of the area no Coursers were found allthough several late staying European Migrants were located.

These included 3 Winchats (including 2 males).2 Northern Wheatears,a single Woodchat Shrike and several Olivaceiouse Warblers.

Sunbirds were most numerous in this area with a party of 8 Scarlet Chested Sunbirds with 6 Beautifull Sunbirds

Several Bearded Barbets were seen including a party of 4 near the Owl circuit.

There was no signs of the Greyish Eagle Owls despite an extensive search thogh 2 Pearl Spotted Owls were called out at one site.

Another White Chested Cuckoo Shrike was located in the Owl circuit and was very approachable as it located to a large fig tree(see photo gallery).Both Fine Spotted  and 2 Grey Woodpeckers were on the Bushtrack as were 2 African Golden OriolesThe biggest disapointment was the shortage of large raptors with the exception of 2 Shikra , 2 African Harrier Hawks and single Dark Chanting Goshawk.

Elsewhere on the track 3 Cut Throat Finch in company of a party of 15 Village Weavers.3 Yellow Fronted Tinkerbirds.Three Striped Kingfishers and 4 Black Crowned Tchagra with one pair of the latter displaying on the ground.This is the quietest time I have had on the Bushtrack,but it was exremely hot and it was not the sort of day that birdswould be moving about.