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10 Green Sandpipers.Might be a record for this site

25/07/2015 17:00

There are are now 10 Green Sandpipers on Dewsbury Sewage Works.These consist of 2 parties 1 of 6 and a seperate party of 4.The birds are very difficult to approach and take off immediately as one gets within 60 to 80 yards.

Also there today 4 Oyster catchers and 88 Lapwing.The Lapwings are spending most of there time on the concrete beds created to store the thriving compost buisness which is going on at the works at the moment.

Otherwise the works is generaly quiet apart from the around 160 Black Headed gulls and the 140 or so Jackdaws mainly Juveniles which spend most of their time on the expansive lawns in front of the Yorkshire water office block

Dewsbury Sewage works is a private facility and can be best viewed from the hillside at the end of gthe public footpath which starts half way up Pidacre Hill Chickenley.