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11/11/2014 Morning passage of Hooded Vultures over Lamin Village

26/11/2014 11:16

With a persistant South Easterly wind blowing for the first week at least and excellent clear conditions I decided to look to the skies over Lamin Village to make some sense of what the soaring birds would be doing.

Vulture movements began between 09:30 and 10:15 each morning in the 1st week and my first watch i did for 2 1/2 hours after which movement subsided quite dramaticaly

In the first hour some 148 Hooded Vultures passed over the compound and very consistently the birds headed to the North.

Most parties averaged between 8 and 20 birds and where frequently accompanied by Black Kites which totalled some 63 birds in the 2 1/2 hour spell.

Parties of Little Swifts appeared on 3 occassions with parties of 8 .6 and 12 appearing all in the first hour.Palm Swifts also joined the Vultures on 3 occassions with 5,9 and 8 birds appearing also in the first period.All these birds where heading straight North.

4 Red Chested Swallows appeared at 10:42 going quickly North and there was 2 parties of European Bee Eaters one od 9 birds and another one in the second hour of 6 birds again going North

Other raptors where in short supply apart from 3 Shikra (2 displaying) a single circling Gabor Goshawk(clearly showing its prominent white rump) and a single low flying female Montagues Harrier being constantly pestered by 5 Pied Crows as it made its way Northwards.