Its worth a visit

1700 House martins in the valley ths morning.Quite a sight.

18/09/2012 15:05

With fresh south westerly winds and occassional showers this morning there was very impressive numbers of Hirrundines moving up the valley between Healy Road Ossett and Earlsheaton this morning.

Outside brewers Pride public house there was easily 500 House Martins with around 180 to 200 Swallows hawking over the old buildings on the industrial estate.

On Dewsbury Sewage Works there was some 1200 House martins with around 240 Swallows.

Also on Dewsbury Sewage works there was some 27 Common Snipe with around 85 Lapwings in the central areas.2 chiff Chaff were on the works and 5 Chiff Chaff were on the Reserve at Kerries foods.

In Thornhill Rectory Park this morning 5 Chiff Chaff (one in full song) 2 Goldcrest and 5 Mistle Thrushes with 2 Nutatch were in the central copse