Its worth a visit

18th November 2013

07/12/2013 15:50

The first 2 hours in the compound from 07:30 a little quieter than yesterday.A lot more cloud this morning with very little wind.

A single Malachite Kingfisher was again visiting the dripping tap  in the first half hour which was allready occupied by 4 Firefinches and 5 Common Bulbuls.3 pairs of Lavender Waxbills are again busy collecting nesting material and are constantly flying to and fro the large Mango trees in the Southern end of the compound.

3 Yelow Fronted Canaries are on the washing line this morning and are visiting the driping tap as is a single West African Thrush

5 Red Eyed Doves are awaiting the dripping tap and 3 Laughing Doves are on the wires..A single Yellow Crowned Gonolek is constantly calling.

A short walk to the North of the compound to a Cous Cous plantation was quite productive with 5 Black Necked Weavers,4 Northern Red Bishops(with just one adult male) 8 Bronze Winged Mannikins,5 Yellow Fronted Canaries

3 Speckled Pigeons are on the half completed compound next to the Cous Cous plantation.

43 Hooded Vultures are circling above the plantation with a single Lanner Falcon in their midst and 15 African Pied Crows.

A single Village Indigo Bird is on the wires above the half completed compound

A party of 32 Speckled Pigeons flew South at 13:19 hours.

Back in the compound a single Shikra is at in a tall tree overlooking the compound and 3 Grey Backed Cameropteras are in the undergrowth just to the left of the dripping tap.A sing Yellow fronted Tinkerbird is calling in the oppositte compound