Its worth a visit

2 More common Sandpipers pay a visit

01/09/2015 20:16

There are 2 more Common Sandpipers on the river Calder around the Earlsheaton/Saville Town area of the River Calder.As the river is a little high at the moment the more suitable areas are around the Willow Plantation below Mill Bank Thornhill where there is at least some rocky borders to the river.

Meanwhile nearby on Dewsbury Sewage works still at least 4 Reed Warblers,18 Chiff Chaff and 4 Willow Warblers.No sign of any Whitethroats recently but at the bottom of healy Road Ossett a flock of some 50+ Swallows on the wires just above Kerries Food factory.A single Green Sandpiper is on the River Calder at Ossett near the Iron footbridge bottom of Healy Road.

The feeders on our Ossett site rather quiet today but still 1 Bullfinch male ,8 Long Tailed Tits ,4 Blue Tits and 5 Robins.