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29/03/13 Visit to Abuko and Lamin Rice Fields(highlights)

01/04/2013 14:12

Two of the most difficult birds to photograph at this site proved just as impossible once again.These 2 species being Little Greenbul and Western Bluebill

Good start on Abuko Reserve at the first observatio hide with 2 Palm Nut Vultures sat in a tall palm tree directly in front of the hide.Also in the same palm 3 Plantain Eater and Common Wattle eye.3 Western Bluebills were feeding under cover oppositte the main hide as were 3 little Greenbul.All declined to show themselves in good photographic light but nevertheless the Bluebills gave excellent views of their superb plumage..2 Paradise Flycatcher were also near the hide calling but refusing to come out into the light nevertheless giving excellent views.Turacos were showing well this morning with 4 green and 2 violets feeding and displaying above the 2nd observation hide.A further 2 Violet Turacos arrived as we left the second hide.

2 Fanta Sawwings are skimming across the pond in front of the main hide and 2 very young African jacanas are also in front of the main hide(soon to appear in my photogallery).We encounter 2 more Western Bluebills  in between the first and second hides drinking at a small pond but as usual under cover.A single Grey Headed woodpecker is feeding on an old tree near the second observation hide.

More Little Greenbuls are located near the entrance to the Animal orphanage.

We moved across to the ricefields at around 10:45 and was immediately imprerssed by the number of birds there.

7 Painted Snipe were flushed from one of the first lagoons and these quickly returned.13 Buffalo Weavers also around the sasme pond with 5 yellow Billed Shrikes,8 Long Tailed Glossy Starlings2 wattled Plovers and 2 African Spoonbills.A single Striated Heron is flushed as we approach to get closer to the spoonbills.Several African Black Crakes are noted as well as 5 African Jacanas.12 Black Necked Weavers were feeding in a nearby compound.

There are 3 Fork Tailed Drongos nearby and a Lanner Falcon is callingfrom a nearby palm.8 Red billed Hornbills are counted with 2 Grey hornbills and a single Senegal Coucal is present.Some species are noteable in absence particulay Cuckoos.2 African harrier Hawks are displaying above the fields.

A young trainee bird guide called Fajimba Camere accompanied me on todays trip .He is very keenand has just completed a migration course representing West African Bird Society in Maurratania.He is badly in need of some decent binoculars if anyone has an old pair they dont want