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3rd Brood of Little Grebes appear on the River Calder this morning.

16/07/2014 17:23

A Little Grebe has produced its second brood of 2 youngsters on the River Calder near Dewsbury.The 2 tiny chicks with distinctive sriped heads are tobe seen on the Calder almost directly below Thornhill Cricket Cub and this adds to the other pair on Dewsbury Sewage Works that have allready produced 3 chicks out of 2 broods.

It appears to have been a very good breeding season for quite a few species I noticed there was at least 82 Pied wagtail Juveniles on the filter beds of Dewsbury sewage works together with 7 juvenile Grey wagtails this morning.Also the numbers of carrion crows  and Jackdaws on the works  have reached over 200 birds with about 155 Jackdaws and 45 Carrion Crows  some 75% being young birds.

There are still 3 Green Sandpipers on the Sewage works and 2 on the Calder around Earlsheaton today.