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4/11/10 trip to Trujjerey

12/11/2010 20:02

On our first morning it was apparent that there was unprecedented numbers of insects in the Gambia apparantly due to the recent ending of the wet season and this seemed to account for the very good numbers of Blue Bellied and Rufouse crowned Rollers on the wires on our journey.Also there was good numbers of Yellow Billed Shrikes and Plantain eaters.On our arrival at Trujjerey there was at lest 20 Hooded Vultures overhead with at least 18 African Black Kites and an Osprey glided slowly by clutching a large fish in its talons.\As we dis embarked both a Levailants Cuckoo and a single Pigmy kingfisher flushed from the small bush adjacent to our vehicle. Red Eyed Doves were plentifull and next to the first compound was a small colony of Masked Weavers with about 5 nests as well as 2 pairs of displaying Tawny Flanked Prinniahs.\There was 2 displaying male Whistling Cisticola in the first compound as well as 3 Veilotts Barbets and 2 Olivaceouse Warblers plus a very photographical Striped Kingfisher.A male White Fronted Black Chat was another target for the camera.\Other species of note on this first morning were as follows-Gabor Goshawk,Grey Kestrel,2 Pied Winged Swallows several Senegal Coucal ,Red Billed Hornbill,Yellow Fronted Tinkerbird,Lavender Waxbill and single Namaqua Dove