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4 Green Sandpipers a good sign for the next few weeks

02/07/2015 23:19

4 Green Sandpipers where flushed together from a central bed on Dewsbury Sewage works today.It is hoped the numbers will increase still further in the next few wekks as our seasonal wader migration gets under way.

Also at the same site 18 Lapwings no doubt part of a larger group trafficing between the works and fields across the river near Saville Town.

It is good to see Greenfinches singing and displaying around the Healy Road area of Ossett at the moment.There where 2 birds both singing and displaying near the footbridge over the River Calder this morning.

Things expectadly are a little quiet at the moment but showing signs of picking up.It is allways good to see Green Sandpipers freshly arrived from their breeding grounds and these are usualy the forebears of other waders to pass by at our local sites.