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An hours birding from my bedroom balcony at Hotel Limbus on the 23/03/2011

06/04/2011 19:18

After a days birding at Marrakissa I managed an hours birding from my bedroom balcony from 17:00 to 18:00

The following bnirds were noted.

5 Long tailed Glossy Starlings,3 Greater Blue Eared Glossy Starlings,3 Senegal Parrots4 Rose Ringed Parakeets,2 cbroadf Billed Rollers,4 Blue Bellied Rollers,3 Palm Swifts,4 Wire tailed Swallows,3 Lavender waxbills,4Beautifull Sunbirds,78 Village Weavers,2 African Paradise Flycatchers,2 African Grey Hornbills,3 red Billed Hornbills,3 Yellow Billed Kites,5 Hooded Vultures.2 Shikra,5 Brown Babbler,3 Black Capped Babbler,5 Yellow Billed Shrikes.An African Scops Owl was calling from the garden of the hotel as I left for my evening meal.