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Arrival at Fajjara at Hotel Limbus

22/03/2011 11:29

After a tiring journey involving fog on the motorway to get to the airport *not to mention a windscreen wiper disintegrating in the light rain as I passed on to the m60 from the m62(I arrived at my Lodge at around 17/00 hours.The immediate impression was of a small hotel much neglected with a swimming pool full of leaves ad the whole place wanting a good clean up.

This impression only lasted a day as ore guests arrived from Holland and the place was transformed with a very helpfull owner and some quite cooperative staff who seemed to emerge from the shadows.

My bedroom is small but very adequate with a fridge,large self catering kitchen tv,dvd and all modern requirements.

After a quick look from my balcony I knew I would be ok as there was at least 8 Yellow Billed Shrikes,12 Green Wood Hoopoes,5 Red Billed Hornbills,5 Beautifull Sunbirds and what turned out to be a very fascinating roost of Village Weavers(around 120(.I have never come across a communal roost in the Gambia before and it was fascinating to see the arrival of 2 Shikra both male and female the former with stunning red eyes in the overlooking Mango trees.

Over the course of the next half hour there came in to the roost 3 African Paradise Flycatcher,9 Long Taied Glossy Starlings,12 Brown Babblers,8 Yellow Billed Shrikes.2 Oriole Warblers(singing constantly over the previouse half hour( 3 rose Ringed Parakeets and 4 Senegal Parrots.

After watching this specacle which turned out to be in the grounds of the adjoining emmbassy compound we adjourned for our evening meal in Kololi as we were planning a long day out in Kotu Creek,the Golf course,,Sewage Ponds and the surrounding area the very next day.