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Autumn has arrived

16/09/2018 19:45

What a difference a week makes.After spending a week at Spurn Point where it is still possible to see birds such as yellow wagtails,several whinchats and Wheatears and see a steady flow of Swallows and House and Sand Martins it was strange to return to my local sites to find just about all the Summer visitors apart from small parties of Swallows and House Martins absent from their usual haunts.

There are still small numbers of Chiff Chaff on or around Dewsbury Sewage Works but as yet over the last 3 or 4 days no sightings of any Reed or Sedge Warblers and also the post roosting Swallows an House Martings which have been filling the telegraph wires on the Windsor Estate have suddenly failed to materialise.

It is good to see good numbers of starlings feeding in the fields off Healy Road Ossett with some 330/40 birds on the telegraph wires there this morning.

There are still 2 Little Egrets on the River Calder below Earlsheaton and 2 Green Sandpipers are on the edge of the calder around the Saville Town area.2 Little Grebes are on the calder near DewsburySewage works.

Blackbirds have increased on the copse near Kerries Food factory with around 30 birds feeding there this morning.The berry crop along the Calder between Dewsbury and Ossett is excellent and should attract many Thrushes this Autumn and Winter.

This morning I restarted my bird feeders programme hopefully this will attract many more birds during the coming weeks.