Its worth a visit

Banded Demoiselle making an appearence on the Kerries Reserve this morning.

29/05/2012 17:59

With another fine and warm sunny day in prospect it was an ideal day for some close camera work on our local patch today.

With m,ost of our local birds now buisy with their nest building and egg laying etc it proved a good day for flying insects in the valley.

Kerries Reserve with its well situated ponds proved an attractive place for a good number of Demoiselle  but the appearence of a pair of Banded Demoiselle proved the main attraction of the day.Though these proved difficult to pin down for the camera after much patience I managed to get at least a record shot of this species(see photo gallery).

Birdwise it has been quiet.There is now 3 singing Reed Warblers on the Sewage beds at Dewsbury works and at least 1 pair nest buiding on the reserve at Kerries at Ossett.There is at least 3 pairs of Sedge Warblers on Dewsbury Sewagec Works and 2 pairs on Kerries reserve

There is still no sign of last years Grasshopper Warblers in our part of the valley and I havent heard of any local sightings of Cuckoo as yet.