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Barn Owls back in business

06/03/2020 12:22

It is good news to get reports of Barn owls hunting in the fields around the Thornhill/Ossett area after a short period when they appeared to be absent.

What with the stormy weather and steady continuing build up of traffic in the area the species is extremely vunerable and after rearing 3 youngsters to fledging last year one hopes that this year will bring more success.

A single Chiff Chaff was busy gobbling flies on Dewsbury Sewage works this morning in the sunshine though birds generally are in short supply still in the area.

Goosanders ae allready paired on the Calder and the wintering Little Grebes have moved to more breeding friendly habitats.

2 Kestrels where displaying over Pildacre this morning as where Great Spotted Woodpeckers with male birds drumming continuosly advertising their presence.

There are 3 singing Song Thrushes on Mill Bank Thornhill and the banks on the Calder around Saville Town this morning hels 32 Canada Geese and 8 Widgeon.