Its worth a visit

Birds Galore on the Kerries Nature Reserve.

25/07/2011 13:00

A trip down to the Kerries Nature reserve at Ossett produced good numbers of a lot of species this morning.Most surprising was the arrival of 3 Willow Tits (2 adults and a very young juvenile) which spent most of their time on the reserve wooden fence at the centre of the reserve.(see photogallery.)

Secondly a flock of around 160 Greenfinches mainly around the feeder trees together with around 85 Goldfinches and some 75 Linnets were in the same area apparently responding to some seed laying the evening before.

On top of this were around 85 Chaffinch mainly in the copse part of the reserve together with 9 Bullfinches,8 Reed buntings and 3 Yellow Buntings.

Apart from the finch variety Phyllscopus Warblers are building up nicely on the resrve with a count of about 35 birds evenly balanced between Chiff Chaffs and Willow warblers at the moment.

Whitethroats numbered around 35 with at least 2 birds still feeding young birds on the wing.

These numbers of small birds are attracting the attention of at least 1 Sparrow Hawk which was present in the copse all morning.

On the river 1 Common Sandpiper near Kerries sand Martin colony and 1 Green Sandpiper.3 Mandarind ducks are also on the river with 1 male and 2 females.

Dewsbury Sewage works has 45 Lapwings this morning and around 42 Whitethroats but little else.