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Black Kite near Shaw Cross Dewsbury

22/06/2015 19:09

My night off work and weather unsettled I thought why not forget about going birding for once and go for a couple of Pints at my local Pub.

Would you believe only a few hundred yards from my home I spot a raptor flying at telegraph pole height directly in line with my car .A dark raptor with no special markings dark below and a narrow forked tail and a sort of limping flight.It could only be a Black Kite

The bird was distinctive as it flew overhead.A narrow forked tail.No rufouse or light brown markings .indistinct under wing coverts.The bird was flyong in a south westerly direction.I arrived within 20 seconds at a roundabout to turn myself around and try and relocate the bird but  had to pull in to the nearest lay buy and try and put the record out.Within a couple of minutes we had the most severe rain shower and i just wonder wether the bird had been forced down by the weather conditions at that moment.