Its worth a visit

Bretton Country/Sculpture Park

20/12/2017 14:52

Having found a little more time on my hands over the last month or so I decided to renew my interest in Bretton Country/Sculpture Park a site I have not birded regulary for several years.

One of the things I have enjoyed in previouse years at the park is the winter feeding flocks of Titmice and the occassional finch flock particulary Bramblings which could be seen in most years feeding on Beech mass particulary around the Greek Temple areas of the park.

Alas it is depressing nowadays to find the park deserted in so many areas with birds.The last 2 visits have provided virtualy nothing in the way of feeding Titmice or finch flocks though there was 27 Chaffinch in bushes and trees near Cascade Bridge and 5 Bullfinch near the old boathouse this morning.

Most disturbing is the number of Grey Squirrels(I counted 65 in an hundred square yard area in the so called conservation area on the top lake on the oppositte shore to the main boathouse.

I cant imaging what this means for the breeding population of small birds during Spring.I got the feeling all these squirrels must be there for the entertainment of visitors to the sculpture parl and people just out for an afternoon walk.

It was nice to see wintering flocks of Lapwing around Bretton Crossroads with one party of 138 and another of 78 birds.2 Sparrow Hawks 1 male and 1 female where hunting in the park and at least 6 Nutaches where calling from different locations.The lakes appeared to be partialy frozen and many of trhe lake birds where flighty though there was still 36 Goosander present today on the top lake.9 Grey Lag Geese arrived from the  East at 10:45 but flew off North later.There was 7 Jays in the park along with 3 Redwings and 4 Mistle Thrushes near the Cafe area of the park.