Its worth a visit

Buzzards again showing well in our local area.

24/10/2013 17:56

2 Common Buzzards where showing well localy this afternoon.A rather pale bird was circling the field adjacent to the bottom of Healy  Road Ossett at 13:35.Another much darker bird was high above Earlsheaton at around 15:20 and was slowly moving south.2 Water rails where in good voice at different locations this afternoon a bird calling repeatedly on the central area on Kerries foods Reserve early afternoon and another much noisier bird was on the Reed Warbler colony site on Dewsbury Sewage works at around 15:25.

Also on Dewsbury Sewage works this afternoon 78 Teal,7 Shoveller and 36 Mallard plus a single Tufted duck female.6 Grey Herons where on the works and the long staying Green Sandpiper was present near Hotworks Mill.

The feeders on Kerries Reserve had 8 Great Tits,6 Blue Tits,7 Goldfinch ,6 Chaffinch and 3 Greenfinch