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Buzzards showing well over Dewsbury this morning

23/04/2014 12:12

There where 2 Buzzards over Dewsbury this morning.A typical Common buzzard was over Earlsheaton at 09:45 and a second much smaller and slimmer bird flew over the willow Plantations at Mill Bank Thornhill being mobbed by 6 Jackdaws at around 09:55.

Also this morning a third singing Reed Warbler is on Dewsbury sewage works but as yet no sign of returning Common Whitethroat to this site.2 pairs  of Water rail are making their presence felt at different sites on the Sewage works

12 pair of Coot and 1 pair of Little Grebe Where also recorded in suitable breeding habitat between Ossett and Dewsbury this morning and a Mallard which had originaly 13  ducklings on dewsbury sewage works three weeks ago still has 11 half grown offspring on a lagoon on the sewage works

4 Gadwall and 28 Teal where on Dewsbury sewage works this morning.

There is now 2 singing male Whitethroats and 4 singing Chiff Chaffs on Kerries Reserve Ossett