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Buzzards showing well over Thornhill Dewsbury yesterday

02/10/2012 17:19

There was seven Buzzards noted over Thornhill yesterday with a party of 5 birds seen together at around mid afternoon.The birds were high in the sky and it was difficult to see any diagnostic features on the birds though one individual was an exceptionaly pale bird.

Also yesterday 5 Chiff Chaffs were on Kerries reserve at Ossett but the numbers of Hirrundines present around Healy Road Ossett as gone down to zero as not a single Hirrundine was noted.

There has been reports of huge numbers of titmice (particulary Blue Tits) moving South in Scandanavia over the last few days.Apparently this is due to a failure in the Beech mast produced by trees in that part of the world.

If this theory is true then it will be worth keeping an eye out for Finches like Bramblings etc moving  to this country in large numbers during the coming weeks.