Its worth a visit

Calder farm A great place to be allowed to put nest boxes of all kinds

28/03/2012 12:12

Its a long time since i visited a farm as thriving and full of life as Calder Farm just situated between Ravensthorpe and Grange Moor.Apart from the newly refurbished fishing lake near to the Ship Inn the Farm also has a thriving Horse riding buisness not to mention lots of land containing some of the most unspoilt woodland iv sen for many a year.

A flock of some 60 yellow Buntings  greeted us on our walkabout just above the farm with most birds being predominately male birds.We are extremely fortunate with the farms owner a most environmentaly friendly individual giving us permission to erect several nest boxes on his property.

These include 2 owl boxes and some half a dozen Blue tit type boxes some of which were occupied within seven days of being erected.

Species we are hoping to attract include Barn Owl ,Tawny Owl  and Little Owl

It was interesting to note that on a brief walk in woodland above Calder Farm we came across both Nutatch and Treecreepers  in close proximity to one another.