Its worth a visit

Changing conditions on my local patch hard to take but still enough activity to make the area interesting

06/10/2017 20:47

With a recurring bad back and a very painfull recently twisted knee I have found myself a little restricted of late in covering my local birding patch.

Adding this to the news that the remaining free standing lagoons on my local sewage works have been drained of water (this having a catastrophic effect on local bird numbers particulary Ducks and certain wading birds)one should be forgiven for accepting that things do not look very promosing in the years ahead.

However there is still much to be done and it was encouraging to find all my local bird feeders empty after just a few days.Upon inspection and a quick refill this morning it was nice to see 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers,8 Chaffinch,6 Robins,8 Blue Tits,5 Great Tits and 12 Long Tailed Tits coming on to the feeders almost immediately.

A single Chiff Chaff was present in the bushes below Pildacre fields Chickenley this morning.

Despite the lack of open lagoons on the local water treatment plant it was encouraging to fing single Green Sandpiper on a small patch of water just oppositte the farm building below Mill Bank Thornhill also the presence os 5 Shoveller and 20 Teal on the works points to a possible adaptation of habitat for these birds.A Common Buzzard was being mobbed by Jackdaws over Earlsheaton at 1400 hours this afternoon.

A pairt of Mandarin Ducks are frequenting the River Calder just by Healy Road Ossett at the moment and a single Green Woodpecker is very active around the Huntsman Pub on Chidswell Lane Shaw Cross Dewsbury calling frequently as it moves around.