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Chiff Chaff numbers increase suddenly in the valley this afternoon

07/09/2012 19:47

Its amazing how 24 hours makes a difference at this time of the year.With a lot fewer Chiff Chaffs and other Warblers seen this Autumn in our valley it is good to hear of about 30 Chiiff Chaffs along with 2 immature Whitethroats on Kerries Reserve Ossett this afternoon.

Also in Rectory Park Thornhill Dewsbury at around 15:10 some 250 Swallows with a smal number of House Martins suddenly dropped ot of the sky from a great height and fed low over the park before again rising up and departing to the South West.

There was a count of some 30 Blackbirds in the central copse of the park this afternoon.Again there was at least 4 Nutatch in the park and a party of some 85 Goldfinch were feeding on Thistles in the Park along with 4 Bullfinch(2 males)