Its worth a visit

Cold Northerly Winds bring much lower temperatures to the area.

13/05/2020 18:09

Its nice to see good numbers of certain Summer Visitors gathering to feed even if weather conditions feel mor like February than May.

Good numbers of House Martins were feeding on and around Dewsbury Sewage Works and Mill Bank Thornhill this moning with one party of some 128/30 birds feeding on and around the filter beds of Dewsbury Sewage Works and another active flock of some 52 birds hawking over the willow plantation on Mill Bank Thornhill.Also in the same area some 38 Common Swifts slowly increasing and moving in a Westerly direction being joined by small numbers of Swallows and House Martins  with Swallows numbering some 35 birds.

Herring Gulls are slowly increasing on the Sewage Works with 58 birds present this morning along with 36 Black Headed Gulls.

Whitethroats and Blackcaps are still present in very good numbers with at least 8 singing Whitethroats in lower Pildacre along with 7 singing Male Blackcaps.most Summer visitors are now busy nest building and there are some 5 broods of young Mallard on the river Calder between Ossett and Dewsbury with duckling totals at 36 (18 chicks in 2 broods).