Its worth a visit

Colne Bridge Sewage and Sludge Plant what an interesting place right on our doorstep

27/10/2011 19:34

For some time i have been given rave reports about the Sewage and Sludge plant at Colne bridge.With a coule of hours to spare while birding locally we decided to [pay the the site a visit.

Ater successfully negotiating permission to place a number of nest boxes on the site(through Huddersfield Birdwatchers Club) visit to the site was both timely and essential.

We have allready placed a number of Titmouse and open fronted boxes on the site and it has been decided to place at least one of our latest Owl boxes also in a suitable location.

It is hoped that both myself and my colleague Russell Smithson will be able to assist in providing some coverage for this site.

For some insight nto the kind of habitat this site contains have a look on my photogallery.