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Common Buzzards showing locally

28/09/2013 16:19

A Common Buzzard flew South over Mill Bamk Thornhill at 15:10 this afternoon.Another Buzzard was in trees above Kerries reseve at 15:20 calling persistantly.Dewsbury Sewage works had 27 Common Snipe on the bed next to Hotworks Mill along with 42 Common Teal and 14 Mallard.Very few small birds about this afternoon but 36 Starling below Pildacre Lane Chickenly and on the feeders at Kerries 3 Goldfinch 6 Great Tits ,4 Blue Tiys,6 Chaffinch,3 Robins and 2 Reed Buntings.There are 6 Cormorants on the Calder near the bottom of Healy Road and there is 2 Kingfishers feeding near the site of the Sand Martin colony oppositte kerries.Otherwise a quiet afternoon.