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Continuose rain taking its toll on our local Birding areas

11/07/2012 12:57

As you can see on our more recent pictures on my photo gallery the non stop sequences of rainfall has at last rendered some of our local birding spots in accessible.

Much of the habitat on our local reserve at Kerries foods Ossett is under water and cant be good news for the healthy amount of nesting birds on the reserve.

The Sand martin colony near the food factory has been almost un inhabited with high water levels from the river washing out a lot of the nesting holes.

A Kingfisher is still feeding young on the Calder near Earlsheaton but there has ben little signs of successfull Duck breeding in the area with no new parties of Duckling reported for a couple of weeks

There as been  marked increase in the number of Carrion Crows in the area presumably to clean ot any deserted nests of eggs once the water subsides.

ee photo gallery for latest pictures of flooding on our sites